• #1 Choice for Water Heaters, Heat Pumps, and Sheet Metal in Springfield Illinois

  • Home and business owners want to do business with diverse companies that can solve a wide range of problems. That’s why people in the Springfield, IL area choose J. Hansen for heating and cooling services. However, we’re more than just a local HVAC provider. We provide a range of additional services from which local customers take advantage. From water heater repair to custom sheet metal fabrication, feel free to contact our staff with your questions about our services!

    Water Heaters

    We all know the feeling; you’re enjoying a nice hot shower when suddenly the temperature plunges to leave you feeling icy all over. Not having hot water is no joke, especially in the dead of winter. When you have water heater problems, make sure to call the local pros at J. Hansen for service, repairs and new installations. We repair all makes and models of any type of water heater and provide a wide range of services such as:

  • • Water Heater Repair
    • Water Heater Installation
    • Water Heater Service

  • • Water Heater Maintenance
    • Seasonal Maintenance

  • • Conventional Water Heaters
    • Tankless Water Heaters

  • • Water Heater Expansion Tanks
    • More…

  • Heat Pumps

    In the Springfield, IL area, many homes and businesses rely on old central heating and air conditioning systems. While there’s no reason to immediately replace a system that’s functioning well, many who seek replacement are opting to install a heat pump instead. This system consists of one unit and uses the outside air to provide the comfort you need on the inside. Despite the name, heat pumps provide both heating and air conditioning, and they can use your existing ductwork. Talk to someone on our team about the benefits of a heat pump for your home or business!

    There are various benefits to utilizing heat pumps in Springfield, Illinois. For starters, heat pumps utilize less electricity which means lower utility bills and have been proven to be the most efficient alternative to fuel and oil. A professionally installed heat pump can increase your efficiency by as much as 300 percent. In addition to being a more efficient and inexpensive option, they also have a longer lifespan than alternative heating choices and are generally safer than combustion-based heating systems. For more information about heat pumps and how they could benefit you – contact J Hansen Heating & Cooling!

  • Sheet Metal

    When repairing HVAC systems, we find that sometimes damage to the ductwork is actually the problem. Whether it be clogged or riddled with leaks, we provide sheet metal experts to fabricate custom ductwork for any HVAC system.

    While there are different types of ductwork, sheet metal has several advantages. The primary benefit of sheet metal ductwork is that it is designed to last for years, and if you maintain it and properly care for it – even longer. Sheet metal tends to be the more expensive option, it is a cost-effective solution and if you want a long-term resolution, sheet metal is your answer. J Hansen Heating & Cooling ensures that your ductwork is optimal and helping to keep your family comfortable year-round. Our sheet metal services include:

    • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Ventilation System Design
    • Ventilation System Installation
    • Central Air Conditioning Ductwork
    • Central Heating Ductwork
    • Custom Ductwork